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Just a guyish girl, who loves pokemon, anime, manga, nirvana, hole, and the 90's

My pokemon OTP’s
Ash x Misty (pokeshipping)
May x Drew (Contestshipping)
Conway x Dawn(Heattagshipping)
Black x White (Agencyshipping)
Red x Hilda (uroburousshipping)
Ash x May (Advanceshipping)

Approved/like ships
Misty x Drew
Misty x May (Imageshipping)
Serena x Clemont (geekchic)
Ash x Drew (respect shipping)

Other Fandoms

fairy tail/ Lucy x Gray

Soul Eater/OTP-Soul x Maka, Kid x Liz
Like- Soul x Liz, Maka x Kid, Tsubaki x Blackstar

Sailor Moon-Serena x Darien-OTP

Full Metal Alchemist-
APPROVED- Winry x Edward

I don’t really ship in other anime :[


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Reposted with permission! ^^)

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Anonymous said to soul-eater-screencaps:

First opening song where medusa does the creepy dance thing


"wow i really need to get hot before school starts" -me every summer

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